Our Philosophy

We believe that the impact our food makes on the environment is parallel with how it affects our bodies too. Our eco-friendly and sustainable practices are a way to positively impact the environment, so the food produced is highly nutritious and with bliss from nature.

With a vision to make a positive change in society and the determination to serve our customers only the best and the most nutritious, we are constantly innovating to provide you with better and newer taste, better health at the same time creating a place where your family will love to spend their weekends in the calm and greenery.

Healthy Hum Hamesha

First and the most important function of food is to provide us with macro and micronutrients that are essential for our growth and well being, Well that's exactly what we ensure, starting from the crop growth to its management to completion of the final product, no chemical pesticide, fertilizers or preservatives are added and our products, which are always organically produced and non-GMO. Today, most of the ingredients in daily use packaged foods seem like the prescription by a chemist, additives and preservatives are frequently added to improve the shelf life and hence reducing the desirability of the so-called Food exponentially, we on the other hand make it a priority not to use any lab-made preservative or add things that aren’t supposed to be there. All our products are made not just to delight your taste buds but also to complement your gut.

Happy animal = Healthy Produce

At Arogyakara® we firmly believe that happy animals are not just our responsibility, it is their birthright. In practice, happy and free-range people, when given good quality feed to eat and have hygienic living environments like ours, tend to produce much healthier and nutritious produce at the same time, live a longer life, and be more productive in their lifespan.

Living without harming the environment

With a conscious approach to the products and their packaging, we keep the negative impact we have on the environment to the minimum and do our jobs to balance the use of hydrocarbons by planting trees and doing other environment-positive activities. We are reluctant in using single-use plastic and try our best to avoid its use at the farm or with our products. Yes, we all should do our bit for us and our environment.

High time to time travel

Living in metropolitan cages we haven't seen life for how our ancestors have been living life for more than 20,000+ years. For those who haven't had the opportunity to be in an open and natural green space lately, we are sure you remember the calm and rejuvenating experience our body and mind experience in such an environment. By keeping our farm open to all our members we want to provide you with the opportunity to breathe fresh in an open environment and witness the eco pasture for yourself. Simply put, Living at the farm is bliss.