Our Mission

We envision a sustainable planet where the resources are used optimally without disrupting the natural flow of things. By creating nature-intended eco-pastures around metro cities like Gurgaon we hope to reintroduce the once lost culture and ecosystem, while consciously reducing our carbon footprint.

We hope to see every animal that is domesticated for its produce, to lead a happy and respectful life, as we truly believe that the only way of receiving healthy products is through a happy animal. This nudged us to also start reintroducing the concept of quality over quantity, desi over foreign, and natural over chemical.

Make Animal Care the forefront of our industry

We prioritize the care and nurturing of the animals at our farm above all, for the same reason we are driven to provide them with happy and healthy food, shelter, and an environment for their life. Our mission is to be able to provide similar eco pastures to animals in their local habitat, provide them with good quality of life and use their products ethically.

Introduce innovation in Regenerative Farming

What if one could convert barren land into grassland for animal-free grazing?

We are missioned to do just that, we constantly experiment with practices that could help biodiversity to flourish. We hope to get our experiments into action very soon.

Serve Nutritious and Delicious Food to every corner of our nation

Why is it so difficult to be able to source chemical/preservative-free products, why do we buy farm products from a shopkeeper and not a farmer?

Well just like we have our family doctor, who gives you the right advice, we wish to be your family farmer, who you can rely on for healthy and delicious products.

Build a healthy family

We can't do this alone, and well neither should you. The key to happy and sumptuous life is to do something bigger than yourself with the people who share the common interest, well since you are keen enough to read our mission we are certain you abide by the ones mentioned above, if so we love for you to join our family, where we try to make it all better for us and our environment.