About Us

About Us

Welcome to ArogyakaraTM

Developing a nature-intended eco-pasture to cherish the beauty that surrounds us, while we get the opportunity to take care of the native and happy animals free-roaming at our farms.

We have always been enthusiastic about feeding the people around us with healthy, nutritious, and residue-free food, but with the dependence on various vendors for our produce, it was difficult to maintain credibility. That's when sparked the thought of a well-maintained and sustainably equipped farm biodiversity which with the use of technology and honest practices aims to produce only the best quality ingredients necessary for our better health. Taking our experience from the food and beverage industry we want to create a positive impact not just on our healths but on the health of our environment too.

The need to connect with nature is inherited in all of us, we are just here to help you relish that inner calling.